We believe in equal opportunity to each and every individual in healthcare, education and everyone deserves a clean environment. We strive to achieve these goals, through various health projects, environmental activities, research and educational programs.

SMC89 Foundation

SMC89 Foundation is a non profitable organization started by Siddhartha Medical college 89 batch students. We are aspiring to pay back to the society where we were trained as doctors and make a difference in lives through health, research and educational programs in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Our team has chosen the NBS (Newborn screening) program as our first project.


Our Team

Dr Vutukuri Sridevi  MBBS DCH

Sridevi is a practicing pediatrician in Vijayawada. She had been serving a wide variety of pediatric population for more than twenty years. As a president of Mamata foundation, she took care of children with Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Anemia. Managing such highly complex children has only driven her to higher leadership qualities and commitment. She is clearly a role model for future generations.

Vice President
Dr Badisa Siva Rama Prasad Babu MBBS MD Radiology

Prasad Babu is a well recognized radiologist in Vijayawada. In addition to his exhaustive radiology practice that spans over twenty years, he also held various administrative and leadership roles at local and regional level. He contributes significantly to various charities, orphanages and government schools.

General Secretary
Dr Yoga Nagendar MS MCh DNB Pediatric surgeon, Pediatric Urologist and Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgeon

Yoga Nagendar working as a pediatric surgeon in Hyderabad. With over ten thousand pedaitric surgeries to his credit, he is well recognized not only in Hyderabad but also in peripheral districts.   In spite of his extremely busy schedule, he still finds time to support orphanages and is closely involved with the charity work of DISHA Foundation.

Joint Secretary
Dr L. Prasanna Kumar MBBS MS (Orthopedics)

As an associate Professor of Orthopedics at government hospital of Srikakulam. He trained thousands of young doctors in addition to numerable orthopedic surgeries he performed. As a strong supporter of blood donation, he has been instrumental in successful running of numerous blood donation drives. He is well known for his charity and generosity.

Dr P. Ramakrishna MBBS



Ramakrishna believed in early diversification and now reputedly runs a local secondary school providing high quality education. He also established and successfully runs an ancillary medical services firm with expertise of medical transcription, coding and billing. He is passionate about technology roles in medical field.

Executive Member
Dr A. Srinivas MBBS MS (ENT)


In addition to being a skillful ENT surgeon, Dr. Srinivas also proved to be a successful entrepreneur. Through his two hospitals, he serves two lakhs population and provides employment to over three hundred people. He firmly believes in cost effectiveness and is a strong advocator of health insurance.

Executive Member
Dr T. Venkateswarlu MBBS MD( Anesthesia) MS (General Surgery)


Leaving a lucrative practice he built in Kerala to his friend, Dr. T. Venkateswarlu joined AP Government service in 1996. He delivered at many levels as District Immunization Officer, Project Training Officer and is now working as Nodal officer for 104 and 108 services in entire Prakasam District and working as PCPNDT observer, Vigilance nodal person for Covid Management system (For both Private and Government).  Among the numerous awards he received are the Best Anesthesiologist, Best Surgeon, Best Doctor at various regional and District levels.

Advisory Team

Dr. Jayabharathi Sakamudi DCH FRCPCH(UK) FRCPC(Canada)

Dr. Pulla Rau MD

Dr. Samata Andru MD

Dr. Srivani Reddy MD

Dr. Suvarna MD

Dr. Mahender MD

Dr. Vani Prasad FRACS


We can build a healthy society with your help