New Born Screening

The Newborn Screening (NBS) is well validated and practiced in western world. NBS has been in practice in many areas of India since 1963. It is well practiced at private sectors across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Many medical conditions can be treated effectively through this screening. A drop of blood is collected from the baby’s heel around day 2 to 5 of life and analyzed for different conditions. Our ambitious goal for this project is to provide this simple screening test to every baby for early treatment and further follow up.  This screening program has been proven to achieve remarkable improvement in child’s health and life. As a whole it will lead to a better and healthy community.

We are currently running a pilot program of NBS led by our pediatricians here and abroad, Dr. Sridevi Vutukuri and Dr. Jayabhabharathi Sakamudi at University General Hospital Vijayawada for a period of 2 years . We are hoping to expand the neonatal screening program to Niloufer hospital in Hyderabad in near future. By the end of the pilot program of two years, we are hoping to have enough data and evidence to present and to persuade concerned government organizations to make these testing available universally to all newborn babies born at government hospitals.